The Nippon Club’s kitchen features a restaurant and caters to all the private rooms in the facility. We provide excellent Japanese cuisine, such as Obento (Japanese box meals), Ozen (Japanese combination plate), and also signature buffet food upon your request.

  • Bar & Grill

    The Bar & Grill offers cozy dining service for lunch and dinner. Especially at dinner time, you can enjoy it with an excellent selection of wine, shochu, and sake. Its intimate atmosphere is also perfect for small private parties or networking events. It is open for lunch and dinner from Wednesday to Friday. Please make a reservation at least one business day before for lunch and three business days for dinner with your meal order. We recommend that you make an early reservation as we limit capacity for excellent service. ▶︎ Dinner Menu | ▶︎ Drink Menu 【For reservations and inquiries, please contact us.】 Email: nc_order@nipponclub.org

  • Private Rooms Catering

    The Nippon Club has an in-house kitchen, and it provides food & beverage services to all private rooms in our facility. Private rooms - Rose room, Sakura room, Eagle room, Bluebird room, and Bar & Grill (private use) - are also available from Tuesday to Friday (Reservation is required. Room charge applies. Up to 2.5 hours for lunch/dinner service) Please contact Mita or Hada at (nc_order@nipponclub.org) for details.


  • Food & Beverage: Restaurant and Private Room Operations from July to December 2024


    July - Already booked up for all business days. August - We are closed for facility maintenance. After September - Please check our busine...

  • Business Calendar for the Restaurant and Private Rooms / Lunch and Dinner Menu


    Please refer to our Business Calendar below when making a reservation. July – Already booked up for all business days. August – We are...

  • Opening of “Members’ Common Area” at the Nippon Club


    The main dining room on the 3rd floor open as a Members’ Common Area! We opened a members' common area for the Nippon Club members in par...

  • Congratulations! You got “The Nippon Club Special “Osechi”


    Celebrate your New Year with “Osechi,” the traditional cuisine enjoyed on New Year’s Day in Japan. Osechi is served in stackable boxes to “p...

  • Reservations for The Nippon Club Special “Osechi” are now closed.


    "Osechi" reservations are now sold out. Osechi reservations have been closed as all sets are sold out. Thank you very much for your orders....

  • 日本クラブ「ハイブリットイベント」サポート・ご提供のご案内


    Sorry, this entry is only available in Japanese....

  • Our ‘Bento’ lunch boxes project was interviewed by NY1


    Our “Let’s Support COVID-19 Fighters! Let's deliver ‘Bento’ lunch boxes to medical workers in New York" project was interviewed by NY1 (Step...

  • The Nippon Club & JCCI receives commendation from the Consulate General of Japan for providing “Bento” lunch boxes to New York’s frontline medical workers


    Early last year, when COVID-19 threatened to overwhelm New York’s healthcare system, members of The Nippon Club and Japanese Chamber of Comm...


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