【Dining Service】Restaurant, Private Room Reservations, and Menu Details


  • The Bar & Grill is open for lunch & dinner every Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday. Private room reservations are available. Please refer to our business schedule below when making a reservation.
    * Please reserve a private room at least 1 week in advance and a restaurant at least 3 business days in advance.

    Dining Lunch Menu

    Dining Dinner Menu

    Drink Menu

    【Bar & Grill / Private rooms・Business Hours】
    Lunch: 11:45 AM~2:30 PM (last call 1:00 PM)
    Dinner: 5:00 PM~8:30 PM (last call 7:00 PM)

    【For reservations and inquiries, please contact Mita】
    Email: mmita@nipponclub.org
    Tel: 212-871-7167

    ● Please make a reservation at the latest three business days in advance.

    ● We may close the restaurant if we have a function in a large private room.

    ● We take reservations for private rooms for Wednesday through Friday. (Room charges apply. You can use the room for up to 2.5 hours for the minimum charge.) Please make a reservation at the latest one week in advance.
    Available rooms: Rose room, Sakura room, Eagle, Bluebird room, and Bar & Grill

    ● Please pre-order the main dishes at the latest 3 days before the reservation date. You can place additional side orders and or drink orders on the spot. Please see our menu by clicking the menu buttons above.

    ● We also accept reservations for rooms only (no meals).
    Wednesday through Friday. (9:00 am-5: 00 pm)
    Available rooms: Eagle, Bluebird, Sakura, Rose, and Multipurpose space (only on days when there is no gallery-related use)

    ● A service charge (17% for table use, 20% for private room use) and tax (8.875%) applies.

    ● A room charge will be charged for using a private room.

    Please contact Mita for details.

    Please read the following before your visit. If you are hosting an event in our facility, please notify this information to all participants in advance.

    Due to the COVID -19 pandemic, we ask for your cooperation on the following points upon visiting our facilities to maintain a safe and secure environment for our customers and staff.
    (The contents are subject to change depending on NY State & NYC rules.)

    ◆ Those with a body temperature over 100F are not allowed to use the facility. Please cancel or reschedule the visit if you are sick or feeling unwell.

    ◆ We strongly encourage you to wear a mask inside our facility (except while dining inside the room or the restaurant you reserved).

    ◆ Please use the restrooms on the 1st and 5th floors. Please refrain from other floors and rooms. In particular, customers are not allowed to enter the 3rd floor (including the bathroom on the 3rd floor.)

    ◆ Visitors who apply to one or more of the following will not be permitted access to The Nippon Club’s facility unless they voluntarily self-tested negative for COVID-19 on the morning visiting us.

    * You had one or more COVID-19 symptoms in the last 10 days (fever, cough, shortness of breath, taste or smell loss, or other respiratory problems).

    * You have tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 10 days.

    Thank you for your cooperation.


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