20.3 【Online】 Making Japanese sweets English Class

  • This is a workshop where you can create a Nerikiri confectionery with a design inspired by the seasons.
  • Nerikiri is a type of Jou-nama-gashi made from white butter bean paste and mochi (sweet rice cake). In this workshop, you will make Nerikiri with a design of fuyou (hibiscuses) and a chozubachi (washbasin) to enjoy the ealy summer season.
  • Materials will be sent to you by the instructor in advance, and you will work together via Zoom to color and shape the Nerikiri.
  • Please take this opportunity to experience the joy of making Nerikiri and enjoy a moment of relaxation with delicious Japanese confectionery.
  • This class will be held using Zoom.
  • What you need to prepare:
  • Food coloring (3 or 4 colors in a pack (about $5) in the confectionery section of the grocery store)
  • Plastic wrap Hand wipes Trays Ruler
Lecturer Toshiko Sugii Steffes
Toshiko Sugii Steffes
Certified master in making Japanese sweets Wagashi. I make custom ordered sweets, do demonstrations and exhibits, and also teach Wagashi making. My first recipe book was published in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. https://kohakuto.com/
Lesson fee $30 (1 lesson) Material fees $25

English Class (Friday)18:00~19:30

Schedule 2023/6/9
Deadline 2023/06/01

These are one-day classes.

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