Marine Day Art Show in New York Part II


Supported by The Japan Foundation, The Nippon Foundation and Fukushima Foundation

The Nippon Gallery at The Nippon Club is pleased to host Marin Day Art Show in New York Part II from October 4th to 11th, 2018.

The third Monday of July is a national holiday in Japan, “Marine Day”.  It is “a day for appreciating the benefits of the sea and wishing for the prosperity of Japan which is a maritime country.”

On “Marine Day” in 2015, under the slogan “We will live here Fukushima!” four artists, Mr. Michio Namatame, Mr. Hiroshi Arai, Mr. Akira Asano and Mr. Seijyu Yoshida established “Marine Day Art Show”.  Each of the four artists act actively with the slogan “Let’s enrich Fukushima with art and culture!”  Once again this year, the Marine Day Art Show will cross the Pacific Ocean and will hold an exhibition here in New York.

Mr. Namatame, executive committee representative, says the aspirations of the exhibition in New York, “Seven years since the Great East Japan Earthquake have passed, and we are on the road to recovery from disaster of tsunami and radioactivity. We would like to continue this Art Show as a requiem to the deceased people and with the gratitude to the sea which nurtures “life”.  Under the slogan of “We will live in Fukushima”, we, the artists living and working in Fukushima, would like to show our works of art to the world and exchange art and cultures between Japan and other countries. Not like sweet words simply referred to as cultural activities, we believe that the show in New York will be a point of a strong expansion of our arts into the world “. At the exhibition, 41 artists will show their masterpieces, including 1 sculpture and 40 paintings.

“The exhibition in New York is to be an opportunity of restoration of the mind since the Great East Japan Earthquake and development of new culture and art in Fukushima, and furthermore, introduction of Japanese contemporary art to the world”, the executive committee is enthusiastic about the exhibition

Participating Artist
Eri Kanno, Hiromi Sato, Masako Kurokawa, Yoko Tsukada, Mami Okamoto, Mitsuru Koga, Maki Koeda, Ami Bannai, Miho Ishida, Emiko Yamada, Hiromi Hasegawa, Miho Oohashi, Tomomi Endo, Yayoi Kobayashi, mie, Toshino Ando, Aki Hasegawa, Tomomi Yaginuma, Miku Sato, Michio Namatame, Kazuki Senzaki, Monami Kamata, Asami Sakamoto, Junko Okamoto, Miyako Araki, Chieko Inoue, Hideaki Ouchi, Koji Otsuka, Masahiro Akatsu, Hirochika Kaseki, Takuya Katano, Kanji Kurihara, Chizuko Ikeda, Fumiyo Ishikawa, Hiro Tomizawa, YUKI・Hiro, Natsuko Hirose, Akihiro Hoshi, Yuki Ideguchi, Seijyu Yoshida, Kazuyuki Mura

■ Main Day Art show Activity Achievements
Subsidy from Iwaki City Culture Promotion Fund  2015.
Subsidy from Fukushima Prefecture Support Project in 2016.
Holding exhibition as Iwaki Municipal Government 50th anniversary project A collaborative project with Shanghai Art Show.
Marine Day Art Show New York  2017

“Tradition and Creation” Japanese Calligraphy Exhibition by Shuho Kondo and Japan Shuho Club members

Period 2018/9/25(Tue)-10/1(Mon)

The Nippon Gallery is pleased to host “Tradition and Creation”, Japanese Calligraphy Exhibition by Shuho Kondo, who acts as a calligrapher energetically in Japan. In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of her teaching calligraphy, works by members of Shuho Japan Club will be exhibited.

Inheriting the tradition of Chinese Classics from her ancestors who were calligraphers from generation to generation, she has worked very hard to hand down the techniques to the younger generations.

Shuho has always been influenced by a phrase from Fushikaden, a treatise on Noh (traditional masked dance-drama) written by Zeami when she creates her works. Learn from the old technique. Even when you attempt to create something new,” Zeami wrote. “Never disrespect what has been accomplished by the predecessors.”


At the exhibition, Shuho will exhibit her challenging works of art including a few pieces inspired by Fushikaden, The Ranteijo – the work of calligraphy written by Wang Xi-Zhi and the most famous in the calligraphy world -, and a large piece that says Creation.

Members of Shuho Calligraphy Club will exhibit their original pieces with the theme of “Tradition and Creation”.


At this exhibition, works by members of the social welfare corporation, Ito Okashi, where Shuho has been teaching calligraphy for 18 years, will be exhibited. “Iroha song”, masterpieces of “Manyoshu” and so on will be exhibited. Some of the works include winning works at international art projects.

Furthermore, Shuho is collaborating with Yuko Yoshida, a jewelry designer, which is a completely new experience for her as an artist. “I sincerely hope that the precious mind transmitted from our predecessors will be kept alive in each new expression,” Shuho says about the enthusiasm for this exhibition.

By all means, please enjoy many of the calligraphy works created with individual wonderful sensibilities, with the theme of “tradition and creation”.


Gallery Talk / Calligraphy Performance

Shuho Kondo has always enjoyed making live calligraphy performance collaborating with musicians. This time, she has invited Aki Lee, President of Chinese Fiddle Association in Japan. While listening to the Chinese fiddle, She will improvise and create a classical, Chinese poem.  


Date and time: Saturday, September 29, 2018 1:30 pm – 3 pm

Admission free

Please RSVP at yhonda@nipponclub.org



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