大山友禅染作品展 ~心を染めて~ IN ニューヨーク2019

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Period 2019年10月25日(金)~ 2019年10月31日(木)
Hours 10:00 am ~ 6:00 pm (月-金)、10:00 am – 5:00 pm (土)、 日休
Location 日本ギャラリー(日本クラブ7階)145 West 57th Street, New York, NY 10019
Admission 入場無料
Detail 後援: 在ニューヨーク日本国総領事館、ニューヨーク日本商工会議所、日本クラブ、鳥取県、米子市、伯耆町、米子市文化財団、中海カナダ協会、エアソウル米子支店、BSS山陰放送株式会社、中海テレビ放送株式会社、山陰中央新報社、新日本海新聞社



Marine Day Art Show in New York Part III

Period October 10 - 17, 2019 (closed October 13th and 14th)

Michio Namatame “Bird Song”


The Nippon Gallery at The Nippon Club is pleased to host Marin Day Art Show in New York Part III by 34 artists who love the sea and were selected by public invitation from October 10th to 17th, 2019.


Ms. Yoshie Eko, representative of the “Marine Day Art Show”, which hosts this exhibition, talks about her aspirations for the third New York Exhibiton, “We were devastated by the tsunami in the Great East Japan Earthquake, but we love the ocean that is essential for humanity to live. We hope that the participating artists who pay homage to the sea and seek symbiosis with the sea will deepen exchanges with overseas people through their own artworks, and achieve mutual understanding with overseas artists at the exhibition”.


In this exhibition, 34 modern artists will exhibit 32 paintings and 2 sculptures. Their works of art express gratitude for the rich seas of Fukushima Prefecture before the Great East Japan Earthquake and the spirit of requisition for the victims of the tsunami.


“Through this exhibition, we would like to introduce Japanese contemporary art to the world again. We hope that a new artist who can play an active part in the world will be born from this art show,” says Ms. Eko.


We hope you will visit the gallery during the show.


Participating Artist

Masako Kurokawa, Yoko Tsukada, Mami Okamoto, Miho Ishida, Emiko Yamada, Miho Ohashi, Natsuko Hirose, Reika Masuda, Yayoi Kobayashi, Aki Hasegawa, Kazuki, Akie Kuroki, Soka Toyoda, Junko Okamoto, Eri Sugano, Eri Yoshida, Yuki ・Hiro, Nobuko Shimizu, Yoko Kuribayashi, Miwako Sakai, Miki Kamiyama, Yukiko Endo, Tomomi Sakuma, Hideaki Ouchi, Kaito Honda, Hiroshi Otsuka, Kanji Kurihara, Choichi Kanno, Soseki Sato, Hiroaki Hoshi, Seiju Yoshida, Kazuyuki Mura, Yuki Ideguchi, Michio Namatame


Main Day Art show Activity Achievements
Subsidy from Iwaki City Culture Promotion Fund  2015.
Subsidy from Fukushima Prefecture Support Project in 2016.
Holding exhibition as Iwaki Municipal Government 50th anniversary project
A collaborative project with Shanghai Art Show.
Marine Day Art Show New York  2017
Marine Day Art Show New York 2018


Junko Okamoto “Power of Earth”
Kazuyuki Mura “Nude woman 1”
Nobuko Shimizu “Flying”

Daisen Yuzen Dyeing Exhibition ~ Dye your heart ~ IN New York 2019

Period 2019年10月25日(金)~ 2019年10月31日(木)


By Eiji & Kanayo Kawahara

Tottori Prefecture Traditional Craftsman

The Nippon Gallery at The Nippon Club is pleased to host “Daisen Yuzen Dyeing Exhibition ~ Dye your heart ~ IN New York 2019” by Eiji & Kanayo Kawahara, Tottori Prefecture Traditional Craftsman. Daisen Yuzen Dyeing is a local craft from Tottori Prefecture and was certified as “a regional resource” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in 2009.


Tottori Prefecture is surrounded by rich nature, and among them, Mt. Daisen, one of the four most famous mountains in Japan, with a history of more than1300 years, boasts the beauty and majesty of the deity of the mountain. It is highly regarded for tis long history and the traditions and culture developed in the area and is also recognized as a Japanese heritage.


Mr. and Mrs. Kawahara have been producing splendid works of Daisen Yuzen Dyeing for many years at the foot of Mt. Daisen. Mr. Kawahara studied dyeing technique in Kyoto and, in 1982, established his hand-painted dyeing “Atelier Kawahara” in his wife, Kanayo’s hometown, Houki Town. They made the catchphrase “dye the color, dye the cloth, dye the heart”. Since then, they have been producing their original works inspired by the catchphrase. Now their dyeing works receive a high evaluation not only in Japan but also overseas.


As a new attempt, they collaborated with a major Japanese sports maker, ASICS Onitsuka Tiger, and produced “cherry blossoms sneakers” in April 2017 and “autumn leaves sneakers” in October 2018.


In the exhibition, the above-mentioned sneakers, kimono, obi, sandals, bag, dyed picture, tapestry, lampshade and other small works will be exhibited. Works with angel-wing, a symbol of love and peace, which originated in the United States, and dyeing works with Japanese cherry blossoms and American roses will be also displayed.


Through this exhibition, Mr. and Mrs. Kawahara hope that Tottori Prefecture’s traditional crafts will be introduced to New Yorkers and this exhibition will lead to cultural and international exchange between Japan and the United States.


Period: October 25 (Fri) – October 31 (Thu), 2019

Hours: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm (Monday – Friday) 10:00 am – 5:00 pm (Saturday)

Venue:  The Nippon Gallery at The Nippon Club

145 West 57th Street, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10019

Contact: Tel 212-581-2223 / Fax 212-581-3332 / E-mail: info@nipponclub.org

Admission Free


Eiji & Kanayo Kawahara

 After graduating from University in Kyoto, Eiji Kawahara worked at a law office. Later, he studied dyeing for six years in Kyoto, and in 1982, established his hand-painted dyeing “Atelier Kawahara” in his wife, Kanayo’s Hometown, Houki Town. He made the catchphrase “dye the color, dye the cloth, dye the heart” and started Daisen Yuzen Dyeing with Kanayo. They are producing their original works inspired by the catchphrase. Since 1990, Eiji teaches dyeing at Tottori Prefectural Yonago High School.


2006 Certified as Tottori Prefecture Traditional Craftsman

2008 Open dyeing studio & Cafe Gallery SOME HIME in Houki Town, Kanayadani

2009 Recognized as a regional resource by the Ministry of Economy. Trade and Industry


They hold dyeing works exhibition every year In Japan or overseas.


Main exhibitions

2001       TOR GALLERY in KOBE
2002       GALLERY 4 cats in OSAKA
2003       GALLERY Hina in Shukugawa, HYOGO Prefecture
2004       Adoration Hall of the Kashihara Jingu Shrine in NARA Prefecture
2004       GALLERY TAKAGEN in TOKYO Ginza
2005       Adoration Hall of the Kashihara Jingu Shrine in NARA Prefecture.
2006       TOSA Royal Hotel in KOCHI Prefecture.
2006       Ikuta Shrine in KOBE City
2006       Ise Sima Royal Hotel in MIE Prefecture.
2007       Tottori Prefecture Osaka Office Ekimae 3rd Building in OSAKA.
2009       SEOUL Insadong ,Korea Arts and Culture Promotion Agency.
2009       Consul General of NY, Ambassador’s residence, Tottori Prefecture event.
2010       SEOUL Insadong, Korea Arts and Culture Promotion Agency.
2012       The Emperor’s Birthday Celebration Reception hosted by the Japanese Ambassador to the Republic of Korea at the SEOUL Lotte Hotel.
2013       Embassy of Japan in the Republic of Korea, Bulletin Cultural Institute, Silk Gallery.
2014       YUI GALLERY in SEOUL
2016       Paris Japan Cultural Center in FRANCE

Organized by Daisen Yuzen Dyeing Atelier Kawahara


Supported by the Consulate General of Japan in New York, Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of New York, The Nippon Club, Tottori Prefecture, Yonago City, Houki Town, Yonago City Culture Foundation, Nakaumi Canadian Association, Air Seoul Yonago Branch, BSS Sanin Broad Casting Co., Ltd., Chukai TV Broad Casting Co., Ltd. and Suntory Co., Ltd. Sanin Branch


Sponsored by Hotta Oil Co., Ltd. Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd., Royal Hotel Daisen, Sanin Asics Industry Co., Ltd., Tokyo Printing Co., Ltd., Marukyo Confectionary Co., Ltd., Ciyomusubi Sake Brewing Co., Ltd, Kume Zakura Sake Brewing Co., Ltd, Suntory Co., Ltd, Sainin Branch


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