Osamu Takeuchi Bronze Cast Objects Exhibition in New York

Period 4/12~4/27

From April 12th (Wed) to April 27th (Thu) at The Nippon Gallery, Osamu Takeuchi, an artist renowned for producing bronze cast Buddhist images will be holding his second Bronze Cast Objects Exhibition in New York.
When looking at the natural world around him, Takeuchi sees most forms, such as the human body, animals, fish, flowers, leaves, and stems all beginning with C-shaped curves as their most basic element and being constructed with combinations of such C-shaped forms.  For him, it is a wonderful “coincidence” that the music scale starts from the note “C” and that words such as “communication” and “concept”, which have strong connections with the dawning of the human community, begin with the letter “C”.
The first bronze objects that he cast used minimal three-dimensional C-shaped curves to express different aspects of nature, referring to them as the elemental C-shaped forms. From there, he proceeded toward expressing more abstract thoughts and concepts by combining the elemental C-shaped forms into 3D objects that he named “C-Art. There are six large and small sizes of the basic C-shaped forms that can be combined to create various art pieces.
In this exhibition, in addition to the nine carefully selected C-Art objects highlighted in the book “Golden Words”, a companion guide to his collection published in 2015, Takeuchi brings together five new works.
Dates:             April 12 (Wed) – 27 (Thu), 2017
Place:              Nippon Gallery at the Nippon Club (7th Floor)

Open:              Mon-Fri 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sat 10:00 am – 5:00 pm   (closed on Sundays)
Admission:   Free
E-mail:            info@nipponclub.org


Osamu Takeuchi:
After graduating from Waseda University, the Department of Science and Engineering, Faculty of Mathematics, he went on to study at Lyon National University of France, Department of Economics, doing research in the “mathematical economics of European economy as a regional economic bloc”.  Takeuchi then studied outside Japan for a second time at the graduate school of University of Paris (Paris V) to conduct research on “Mathematical Statistics and Marketing”. Takeuchi continued to deepen his knowledge in various fields in France, such as urban-development, Western art, and fashion.  Upon his return to Japan, he then engaged himself in trading, real estate development, IT company management, all while managing operation of the Takaoka (Bronze) Casting Company (Takaoka Chugei-sha) which has existed for almost two-hundred years.  There, he worked on the designing, production and sales of architectural decorations for temples and shrines and Buddha images, utilizing his aesthetics and the knowledge of marketing he gained in France.  With the launching of “C-Art” over a decade ago, he is now developing his career as an artist while nurturing future craftsmen.
Takeuchi continues to make daily endeavors to express concepts and beauty derived from Zen using the “love, culture, and wisdom” he acquired in France as a powerful tool for conveying his ideas.


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