【Match Result】The Nippon Club 2024 Winter Tennis Tournament

03 / 16 / 2024

  • This year’s Winter Tennis Tournament resumed in January through March with each event fully underway. This is the first time that all events have been held since the pandemic of the new coronavirus. The January and February tournaments were held at the Carrie Rees Indoor Tennis Courts in the Bronx, and the March tournament was held at the USTA National Tennis Center indoor courts in Queens, where the U.S. Open is held every year.

    The top finishers of the January Tennis Tournament were awarded trophies and other wonderful prizes from title sponsors Relo Redac, Amnet New York, and Hisamitsu America.

    The top finishers of the February Tennis Tournament were awarded trophies and other wonderful prizes by title sponsors New Yorkers (Mr. Toyokazu Matsumoto) and Shiseido Americas, and sub-sponsor Hisamitsu America.

    The March Tennis Tournament, the last of the season, was a team competition, with a total of 31 teams and 138 players participating in the Open A, Open B, and Women’s events, where fierce competition unfolded. The top place winners in each event received a trophy made of a popular LEGO figure and a wonderful prize from All Nippon Airways, the title sponsor of the event. In the extra naming contest, the top teams received prizes from sponsors ITO EN North America and Minamoto Kitchoan.

    In addition, Hisamitsu America and ITO EN North America sponsored this year’s tournament throughout the season, providing participation prizes to all players.

    <January Tennis Tournament>
    Saturday, January 13 & 20, 2024
    “Relo Redac Cup” Singles Open A Tournament
    ”Amnet Cup” Singles Open B Tournament
    “New Yorker Veteran’s Cup” Veteran Doubles Tournament (over 50)
    “Salonpas Cup” Mix Doubles A/B Tournament

    <February Tennis Tournament>
    Saturday, February 3 & 10, 2024
    “New Yorkers Cup” Open A/B Doubles Tournament
    SHISEIDO CUP” Womens Doubles Tournament

    <March Tennis Tournament>
    Saturday, March 9 & 16, 2024
    “ANA Cup” Open A/B /Womens Team Tournament

    The results of this year’s tournament are as follows (honorific titles are omitted.)

    ■ ”Amnet Cup” Singles Open B Tournament
    1st: Se Dong Oh
    2nd: Yuichi Tada
    3rd: Nagamitsu Endo

    ■“Salonpas Cup” Mix Doubles B Tournament
    1st: Se Dong Oh/Claire Dillon
    2nd: Hayashi/Mizutani
    3rd: Hashimoto/Uesaka

    ■ “Relo Redac Cup” Singles Open A Tournament
    1st: Ota, Akihiro
    2nd: Junji Miyake
    3rd: Sho Matsumoto

    ■ “New Yorker Veteran’s Cup” Veteran Doubles Tournament
    1st: Fujita/Takayanagi
    2nd: Sakamoto/Nakamura

    ■ “New Yorkers Cup” Open A Doubles Tournament
    1st: Jonathan Yu/Earl Hsieh
    2nd: Ayano Oda/Hiroaki Oda
    3rd: Tsuyoshi Wakazono/Tatsuro Abe

    ■ “New Yorkers Cup” Open B Doubles Tournament
    1st: Hitoshi Kiyokawa/Kazuharu Hara
    2nd: Ayano Oda/Yoko Koike
    3rd: Junji Miyake/Yasuko Hayashi

    ■ “SHISEIDO CUP” Womens Doubles Tournament
    1st: Emiko Hashimoto/Masako Ando
    2nd: Maya Furumoto/Keiko Chhaya
    3rd: Yoko Arimura/Kym Unanue

    ■ “ANA Cup” Open A Team Tournament
    1st: 副賞は First class でお願いします
    2nd: マンハッタンムーンボール特殊部隊
    3rd: オーマイガット

    ■ “ANA Cup” Open B Team Tournament
    1st: Hungry Seawolves
    2nd: 新しいテニスのリーダース (New Tennis Leaders)
    3rd: ロック モー3 (Rock Moo 3)

    ■ “ANA Cup” Open Womens Team Tournament
    1st: Sets Appeal
    2nd: You !!!
    3rd: 庭球@ラブ❤️ (Soft-Tennis@Love❤️)

    <Extra Edition> Team Naming Contest
    1st: ももいろクロおばぁZ (Pink Clo-ObaaZ (Clovers))
    2nd: NO ANA, NO LIFE
    3rd: Tennis Warrior Sisters (“TWS”)

    We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the sponsor companies and organizations for their support of this season’s tennis tournament.

    Photo by Mr. Nagamitsu Endo


    We would like to thank all the players who participated in this year’s tournament and made the event a success. We would also like to thank the organizers and volunteer staff of the Tennis Committee (Chairman, Mr. Hiroyuki Suzuki) and all the volunteers for their hard work in organizing the tournament.

    We look forward to seeing you again at next year’s tournaments!


    Nippon Club Tennis Committee

    Sponsor Companies for 2024 Tennis Tournaments


    All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.

    Hisamitsu America (Salonpas)

    ITO EN North America

    Amnet New York Inc.

    Relo Redac, Inc.

    New Yorkers (Mr. Toyokazu Matsumoto)

    Shiseido Americas Corporation

    Minamoto Kitchoan



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