Video visits for patients by Mount Sinai Japanese Medical Practice


  • Dear Friend:

    We are currently experiencing an unprecedented situation with the world wide spread of COVID-19.
    Due to shelter at home mandates in most states, people must stay at home and work from home. Children must also be home as most schools are now physically closed with online learning.

    Many doctor’s offices have needed to adapt its practices dramatically for the safety of its patients as well as its staff.  Currently, most offices can only see emergency cases and they cannot allow patient’s with common symptoms such as fever, cough and upper respiratory symptoms to come in for an evaluation due to the risk of infection with COVID-19 as community outbreak is common. In addition, most doctor’s offices must ask healthy patients to postpone their appointments- annual check ups, well child checks- due to the risk that such healthy patients may be exposing themselves to infections.

    The Mount Sinai Japanese Medical Practice (JMP), located in New York City and in Hartsdale, NY was established over 30 years ago and has been a leader in providing bilingual primary care for many years. The JMP has offered cutting edge, guideline based primary care to the large Japanese community in the tri-state area. The physicians and staff are bilingual and the practice accepts most major insurances.

    In order to combat the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the Mount Sinai JMP has spearheaded tele health for the Japanese community, offering the highest quality video visits with Japanese speaking, bilingual internists and a pediatrician. The video health concept allows patients to:

    1. Have a face to face consultation with an experienced Japanese speaking doctor regarding concerns and questions pertaining to the coronavirus.
    2. Get advice regarding the need for hospitalization and testing for COVID-19 as deemed necessary by the physician.
    3. Get a video visit for symptoms of fever and cough with comprehensive advice on how to safely manage the symptoms at home.
    4. Obtain mental health consultations as there is much anxiety and depression amongst patients who must socially isolate and quarantine themselves.
    5. Obtain Non COVID-19 consultations which pertain to general health for those who are reluctant to come to a doctor’s office due to infection risks.

    At this extremely difficult time, the Mount Sinai JMP feels empowered be able to offer this vital service to the Japanese community, not only in the tri-state area but in any location, as long as the patient has wifi access and an ability to download a my chart app on their smart phone and to establish a my chart with our practice.

    Please contact us at JMP Manhattan office and JMP Hartsdale office for further information on how to establish a MyChart for a video health visit.


    JMP Manhattan office:  Tel. 212-889-2119    8am – 4:45pm (Mon. – Fri.)

    JMP Hartsdale office:  Tel. 914-997-1220    9am – 5pm (Mon. – Fri.)

    https://www.mountsinai.org/locations/msd-japanese-medical-practice    (JMP website link)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QTk3MjT1Hg&feature=youtu.be    (Video link for how to download and use MyChart app)


    Thank you,

    Eitaro Doi
    Director of Operations

    Yuichiro Kuwama
    JMP, Medical Director

    Maki Kano-Lueckerath
    Attending, Internal Medical and Pediatrics

    Keiko Kimura
    Attending, Internal Medicine.

    Rowena Rosales,
    Attending, Internal Medicine


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