“Mt. Fuji and Hagoromo Legend” Virtual Opening Reception & Virtual New Year’s Party for the Seniors was held on January 20, 2022.


  • Ms. Yui Morita (Associate Professor, Tokyo Rissho Junior College) (left photo), who directs this exhibition, introduced “the legend of Hagoromo” in Miho no Matsubara. In addition, Mr. Genjiro Okura (right photo), a Living National Treasure, talked about the composition of one of the most representative Noh plays, “Hagoromo,” and then showed us a performance of “Kotsuzumi.” In cooperation with Mr. Masaki Umano, Kanze-style Shitekata Noh performer.

    Now you can watch the recording on YouTube, but sorry that it is conducted in Japanese without English subtitles.

    Watch YouTube

    【Guest speaker】

    ■Yui Morita

    Associate Professor, Tokyo Rissho Junior College. Part-Time Lecturer of Gakushuin Women’s College and Meiji University. Secretary-General and committee member of “Musubino-Kai,” NPO Corporation of Japanese Traditional Performing Arts for Dissemination and Promotion in Education. Graduated from Ochanomizu University, Master’s Program, MA.
    Main research area: Scientific and analytic studies to Japanese traditional arts and artists.
    Management and support for special lectures and classes on Japanese traditional arts dissemination and Development.
    Publication: “Yokoso Dento-Geino no Sekai: Denshosha ni Kiku Waza to Kokoro” (Welcome to The World of Japanese Traditional Arts. Interviewed with Successors of Traditional Arts) Kunpusha, 2020.

    ■Genjiro Okura

    The 16th grandmaster of the Okura School of kotsuzumi-kata. Director of Nohgaku Kyokai, Public Interest Incorporated Association. Member of the Japan Noh Theater Association.
    1985, Became the 16th grandmaster of the Okura School of kotsuzumi-kata and the deputy head of the ohtsuzumi family. 2017, Certified as the Important Intangible Cultural Property, Living National Treasure of Japan. Awards: Osaka Culture Encouragement Award, the Sakuya- Konohana Award, Kanze Hisao Memorial Noh Award. Publications: “Okura-Genjiro -no- Noh Dangi” Takosha, 2017. “Noh Kara Himotoku Nihonshi” (An Approach to Japanese History based on The Noh View Point) Fusosha, 2021.


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