Services for Member

Participation for Nippon Club Events

  • Participation for special event such as Summer Festival, Christmas Party or other various club events, seminars and lectures with member price.

Club Dining & Facilities

  • Exclusive use of club facilities, and dine-in the authentic Japanese cuisine restaurant for members, the Bar & Grill.

Tokyo-American Club – Reciprocal facility Usage

  • Nippon Club Members are entitled to use the Tokyo American Club facilities three times a year (2 weeks each time) through our reciprocal service.

Sports & Cultural Activities

  • You can participate in tournaments such as Baseball, Golf, Tennis, Mah-Jong, Igo and Shogi to enhance friendships.

    There are activities for females such as Chorus, Bridge, etc.

Publications, Club information to members

  • Nippon Club News (E-mail version) can be received 10 times a year including current Club activities and event information.

    Up-to-date information is frequently sent by E-mail.(only for E-mail registrants)

    Membership Directory is published once a year.

Nippon Club Culture Course

  • Culture Courses offer you more than 50 classes to learn Japanese culture with a special discounted registration fee.

Exhibition at Nippon Gallery

  • Exclusive invitations to Opening Reception parties for exhibitions at The Nippon Gallery.


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