Tokyo American Club

  • 【Benefits】
    Reciprocal Club Membership with Tokyo American Club

    【How to Use / Overview】

    Due to a reciprocal membership agreement, the members of the Nippon Club are permitted to use the facilities of the Tokyo American Club (both in Azabudai and Nihonbashi).

    Below is the requirement when checking in:
    • The Nippon Club membership card
    • Passport with Japan immigration stamp or flight itinerary
    • Credit card

    First, please get in touch with The Nippon Club at info@nipponclub.org with your Nippon Club membership number, dates when you will visit the TAC, and the facility (Azabudai or Nihonbashi) where you can receive your temporary card on the first day of use. Second, please show the introductory letter from The Nippon Club, your Nippon Club Membership card, and your passport at the front desk of the TAC. Please note that the expiration date of an introductory letter is one month from the date of issue.

    TAC does not charge any facility usage fee to the members of The Nippon Club for a visit to TAC. Should reciprocal members fail to return the Club access card in good condition upon check-out, they charge 5, 400 Yen penalty fee.
    (* This benefit is for those who live in the United States.)

    Please contact The Nippon Club info@nipponclub.org  for more information.


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