Registration Info


Please reserve your spot.
Class will be closed when it becomes full.
Class may be cancelled due to insufficient enrollment.
Class observation or trial classes and class observation are also available for your convenience.


* From April 2020 to June 2021, regular full-term courses were not offered, so please omit this period for re-registration fees.

A registration fee is when you register for full term courses for the first time only.
 -Nippon Club member $25
 -Employee of Nippon Club/JCCI member company $30
 -Non-member $50
$15 will be charged as a renewal fee if you did not take any classes over one year.
Full payment for tuition and fees must accompany your registration. All payment except material fee must be paid three days before the first day of class.
Full refunds are not available after the first class of the session starts.
If the check is bounced, a bank fee will be charged.
A materials fee and text fee may be required for some classes. You should pay your instructor this fee by cash.
You may be responsible for your material fee even if absent.
No refund will be available if you miss a class or decline the class.  A refund may be possible in unique situations such as being transferred to another country or extreme illness. In this case, $15 will be charged as a handling charge.
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