Neputa Lantern (Neputa Light) Workshop

09 / 28 / 19
  • Every summer, Aomori prefecture begins its month of August with their Neputa or Nebuta Festival. Different cities in Aomori create their own festival moods and in Goshogawara city, their Neputa is known for their gigantic lantern floats (Tachineputa) which could be as big as 76 ft tall and as heavy as 38,000 lbs. It is as tall as a seven-story building. About 1,240,000 people visit Goshogawara city every year during the Neputa season.

    To welcome all people around the world, Tachineputa Festival in Goshogawara celebrates the summer with three gigantic floats and ten to fifteen middle-sized floats. Every three years, one big Tachineputa is replaced with the new one.

    At Nippon Club, Inc., we are honored to have Goshogawara Tachineputa designer and creator Hiroaki Fukushi to do Neputa Lantern (or Neputa Light) workshop. Mr. Fukushi is one of the few Tachineputa designer and creator in Goshogawara and he brings the painted paper of his own float that was torn down last year. The Neputa Lantern is a cylinder-shaped light and its diameter is about 4 inches and its height is about 6 inches. Using the special paper from the big Tachineputa float, you can cut and create your own special Neputa light.

    At the workshop, you will also be able to listen to Neputa Festival Music performed by Mr. Fukushi who plays the drum joined with Tsugarubue (bamboo flute from Tsugaru region) performer Bunta Satoh .


    Date: Saturday, September 28, 2019
    Time: 1pm-3pm (12:30 Door opens)
    Venue: Nippon Club 2nd Floor Rose Room
    Workshop tuition (including material):  Member $ 20 / Non-member $25
    Capacity: 40 people
    Contact: Call at 212-581-2223 or E-mail at yhonda@nipponclub.org (Yasuko Honda) and send a check by September 26th. No cancellations or refunds after September 26th.


    Hiroaki Fukushi: Tachineputa Designer and Creator
    Born in 1983 in Goshogawara, Aomori prefecture, Japan. He started dreaming of becoming Tachineputa float designer and creator when he was nine years old and made his first float when he was in high school. He was appointed as one of the few Goshogawara’s official Tachineputa creators in 2008. He works at Goshogawara Municipal Office.

    Bunta Satoh: Tsugarubue player
    A passionate Tsugarubue player Bunta Satoh introduces the history and culture of Tugarubue, a Japanese bamboo flute from Tsugaru region in Aomori prefecture, to the world. Mr. Satoh has won the First Place as the second youngest winner in the history of the Hayashi (festival music) Contest in Japan. In 2011, he organized a challenge for Guinness World Records and made the world record of playing together with 3,742 Tsugarubue players. Mr. Satoh lives in Aomori, Japan performing throughout the country and also internationally playing traditional Japanese music and new music. He performed at the Festival Des Cultures Du Monde Gemenos in France (2013), was featured in Hibikiya concert series in Singapore (2014), and was invited to perform at International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Folklore Arts in Mexico (2016).


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