Let’s Support COVID-19 Fighters!
Progress Report Vol.11

Report for August 2021

Photos and messages from Stony Brook University Hospital

Although the number of new coronavirus cases continues to rise in Tokyo, the Tokyo Olympics, which were postponed for a year, finally began on July 23. In New York, the percent of people who have received at least one dose of the vaccination is over 70% of the adult population, and with the lifting of corona-related restrictions on June 15, daily life is returning to normal. More people are taking off their masks to walk the streets, outdoor events are resuming, and tourists are beginning to return to Times Square. However, the increase in the number of people infected with the new delta strain is increasing, and there are concerns about the future spread of the disease.

We’ve delivered 10,000 bento boxes!

Left: Chef Yasuoka / Right: The Nippon Club restaurant staff

The Bento Project, which started on May 7 last year to support medical professionals with food, has finally surpassed 10,000 bento boxes, with 10,010 bento boxes delivered at the end of June and 10,430 bento boxes delivered at the end of July! We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the companies and individuals who have supported this project.

The Nippon Club continues to deliver bento boxes once a week to medical professionals; therefore, we would appreciate your continued support.

Recently, we started distributing bento boxes to three new hospitals: Stony Brook University Hospital, Harlem Hospital Center, and Long Island Jewish Forest Hills Hospital. Here are some of the messages and photos we received from hospitals that we deliver bento boxes.

From Stony Brook University Hospital:

On behalf of the internal medicine residency program at Stony Brook University Hospital, we would like to thank you, the Nippon Club, and the JMSA for your generous and gracious delivery of the bento boxes that everyone really enjoyed! We have compiled some images and messages of gratitude from that day (above image). Again we would really like to thank you, the Nippon Club, and the JMSA for the generous donation of the food! Everyone here at Stony Brook truly appreciated the gesture!

From Long Island Jewish Forest Hills Hospital:

Thank you for the delicious bento boxes! Many of my non-Asian colleagues had never seen many of the ingredients before and were curious, “What is this?” We were all impressed by the cute cut-up shapes of the green beans and carrots, Japanese bento boxes are amazing!

Photos from Long Island Jewish Forest Hills Hospital

From Community Healthcare Network:

A photo from Community Healthcare Network

Thank you very much for delivering the delicious bento today. Japanese food is not readily available in the Bronx, so the staff members were very curious and enjoyed eating the bento box while looking up the names and ingredients of the food on the Internet.

▶︎Let’s Support COVID-19 Fighters! About this project “Let’s Support COVID-19 Fighters!”


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