【Member Benefit】KUMIITA Starter Set
Problem Solving STEM Programming Toys for Kids Coding

Popular in Russia and Europe!
KUMIITA – a programming experience
for ages 7 months & up

Many parents may be worried about their educational methods as their children spend more time at home. Remote learning has become widespread, but it is said that when children actually enjoy learning while using their senses, grades often improve naturally.

KUMIITA was born with the idea to have children all over the world learn the fun of programming! Imaginative ways to become familiar with programming are abound as children play and have fun with the KUMIITA Unit and the KUMIITA panels that incorporate learning elements like sounds, pictures, colors and actions.

Kids help KUMIITA get home(goal panel) from the start panel by connecting command panels with LED lights, sounds, spins, and animal sounds.

>>KUMIITA VR Exhibition Booth

There is not necessarily only one correct answer. There are many ways to play to create combinations that fully engage their creativity and challenge the problem format.

KUMIITA conforms to the standards of Japan’s ST (toy safety standards) and Food Sanitation Act for use by 7 months and older children, as well as the CE marking. For learning purposes, however, children 2 years and older are expected to benefit the most.

KUMIITA is popular with children and parents from all over the world, including Russia and Europe. Nippon Club is currently offering a special member price for the KUMIITA starter set. Don’t miss this opportunity!


KUMIITA Starter Set

The basic set includes KUMIITA Unit and 40 panels (30 panel varieties).

Suggested retail price: $463.00 (excluding tax)

Nippon Club Member Special Price
$ 416.70
(excluding tax / Shipping fee and service charge included)

First 15 Customers can get
Educational Picture & Activity Book
「From Planet Programming, it’s KUMMIITA! 〜First Impressions〜」
(Mom’s Choice Awards Silver Medal Winner)
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【What are in the box】1 Unit / 40 command panels with built-in magnet / manuals and booklet
【Safety】KUMIITA complies with the ST (Japan toy safety standards) and Food Sanitation Act for children 7 months of age, as well as the CE marking.
【Specification: Unit】Size(approx): Diameter 80mm, Height 122mm, Weight(approx): 200g, Main product materials: ABS, Panel(1pcs): Size(approx): Length 120mm Width 120mm Thickness 5mm, Weight(approx): 54g
【Main product materials】ABS, polypropylene coated paper, internal magnet
【Batteries】4 AAA batteries (not included) required. (No Wi-Fi, tablet necessary)
【Warranty Period】 6 month from date of purchase.

→KUMIITA VR Exhibition Booth

→See here for details

■ Notes
* Order is confirmed when you’ve received a confirmation e-mail from us.
* It will be delivered within 10 days once payment is confirmed. Arrival may be delayed due to unforeseen disasters.
* We do not accept cancellation after ordering (after shipping). Please consider carefully in advance and check carefully before completing your order.
* Returns will be accepted within 2 weeks after purchase, but will not be accepted after that. In addition, the customer is responsible for the shipping cost of the return.
* Please let us know the condition of the main unit with a photo or video. If we determine that a repair is necessary, we will ship a $ 201 KUMIITA mini starter set (1 main unit and 20 panels).



How to play

KUMIITA’s basics are easy! Arrange the panels to make your own course and set KUMIITA Unit on the Start Panel. That’s it! While easy to play, the point is how to arrange the panels so KUMIITA Unit reaches the goal. Be it a simple arrangement or a complex one, there are so many routes you can take.


Mom’s Choice Awards Silver Medal Winner!

Educational Picture & Activity Book
From Planet Programming, it’s KUMMIITA!
〜First Impressions〜


This picture book is designed and research by the author (myself) who planned and developed “KUMIITA”, a teaching tool for children to experience programming thinking skills in a fun manner from age 0 (7 months).

This is a story created for children who are new to programming.

You can start by reading the story alone, or you can read it one chapter at a time as you narrate it to your child.
Reading while talking to your child helps your child develop his or her “communication skills” and “creativity”.

You may read through the exercises carefully and consider them.

The joy of answering a practice question is the basis for learning and an opportunity to open the door to the future.

The book is structured so that you can experience a sense of accomplishment and logical thinking skills by setting your own goals and practicing repeatedly using appendix.

Finally, it is my great pleasure if I could bring you a wonderful time to spend with your children.


〜About Toshiko Tsuchiya, the creator of KUMIITA〜

Toshiko Tsuchiya
Representative Director (CEO), ICON Corp.

(ICON Corp.), an IT Solution Company, was established in Yokohama in October 1997, and continues to provide technical support for the entire process of research and development of encryption solutions and system construction.

“Now and in the future, I will continue to improve the quality and research and development of new products without forgetting my commitment and gratitude to provide children with an enjoyable learning experience.”

January 2020: Exhibited for the second time at the “Spielwarenmesse eG” trade fair in Germany
September 2020: KUMIITA classes started at U.S. educational institutions, resulting in private purchases in 28 countries.
January 2020: Exhibited for the second time at the “Spielwarenmesse eG” trade fair in Germany
September 2019: KUMIITA classes started at educational institutions in Europe
May 2019: Exhibited at “TechDay”, a trade show in New York
January 2019: Exhibited at the German trade fair “Spielwarenmesse eG”
October 2018: KUMIITA, which can be started at age 0 (7 months), started selling.
May 2017: Participated in the Crowdfunding “Kickstarter”, KUMIITA has received warm support from people all over the world, and the children themselves have started to learn in a non-verbal language.
November 2016: Launched the Education Division
Began planning and research and development to make programming fun to learn.

【Product Inquiries】Telephone inquiries:  +81-45-548-8581 Reception time:Weekday 10:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00(JST/UTC+9:00) Email inquiries: support@kumiita.com
【Website】  https://kumiita.com/


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