Nippon Club / JCCI Online Special Webinar
“Getting Accepted in the Ivy League (Latest Trends)”

【Date and Time】
Thursday, February 10th, 2022
7 pm 〜 8 pm (Eastern Standard Time)

(Japan Time: Thursday, February 11th, 2022 9 am 〜 10 am)

The pandemic has changed the entrance examination system for many colleges, leaving prospective students uncertain about the application process. This time, while touching on these latest trends, Mr. Reizei will talk specifically about the key points to keep in mind when applying for and enrolling in prestigious universities in the U.S. for Japanese and Japanese-Americans. In the United States, while there are many admissions consultants, the opportunity to specifically analyze the “passing criteria” of an Ivy League school is extremely limited. The current situation is that it has been done. This is a must-listen for families with prospective Ivy League applicants, those who want to further their education, and those who are widely interested in the US education system.

【Special Speaker】
Mr. Akihiko Reizei

【Participation fee】

(Please donate to the Lunch Box Project for NY Medical Professionals

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※ This lecture will be given in Japanese. (on the day of the event, we will prepare English subtitles of simultaneous interpretation by Wordly.)

  Speaker Profile

Akihiko Reizei

Akihiko Reizei is the bestselling author of Secrets of Ivy League School Admission, Democrats’ America vs. Republicans’ America, American Law Enforcement, Non-Verbal Communication in the Japanese Language. He was an executive of multinational companies and a University Professor as a Full-Time Lecturer at Rutgers University before shifting to web-based journalist covering US politics, economy, society, education, and culture. Also, he contributes to the acclaimed Railway Journal magazine in writing analyses of railway-related technologies. He lives in Princeton Junction, New Jersey. Visit him online at https://www.mag2.com/m/0001628903 and please subscribe to his acclaimed weekly mail magazine.


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