The 12th Nippon Club Family Event

On Saturday, May 25, we will hold the “Family Event” again this year at the Nippon Club.

The event will feature a Japanese taiko drumming performance and mini-workshop by the Biwanko Group, a lion dance performance and mini-workshop of hand-clapping Bon dance, a Kyokushin karate mini-workshop by Master Gorai, a classical music performance, and an original moral story puppet show that teach while entertaining, as well as a variety of workshops for children to experience Japanese festivals in New York, including water yo-yo fishing, portrait art, face painting, balloon art, candy craft (amezaiku) demonstration, origami art, and more. We will have a variety of performances and workshops that will allow you to experience Japanese Summer Festivals in New York. There will also be snacks and beverages, so parents and children can enjoy a fun-filled time together at the Nippon Club.

Adults only are also welcome. If you are interested in Japanese culture, please join us with your friends! We look forward to seeing you at the family event.

【Date and Time】
Saturday, May 25
1:00 PM – 4:30 PM (ET)

The Nippon Club
145 W 57th St, New York, NY 10019

【Participation Fee*】
Members: Adult $25 / Child $15
Non-members: Adult $30 / Child $20
*Includes snacks & beverages, and goody bags (children only).
*Child rate is for 3-13 years old and under 2 years old are free.

Register Here

Performers Profile <Performance & Workshop>

Biwanko Group ”Children’s taiko performance and mini-workshop”

The Biwanko Group, a children’s Japanese taiko drumming group active since 2007, is now in its 17th year. Last year, for the first time in 12 years, we performed at the Washington D.C. Cherry Blossom Festival, continuing our activities despite the pandemic. Typically, our performances and workshops are held at local events and public venues such as libraries, offering opportunities to experience taiko drums. Originally, taiko was performed during festivals at shrines and temples. However, it has now evolved into a performance that conveys the sound of Japanese percussion. While modest, we are delighted if the sound of our children’s taiko drums contributes to U.S.-Japan cultural exchange.

At the family event, three children from Biwanko, along with the professional Yoko Nakahashi, perform traditional songs from the Suwa Taiko tradition. There will also be a workshop for children to experience taiko drumming at the end, so please join us.


Kevin Suzuki ”Mini workshop of Bon dance with lion dance performance and hand clapping”

At the age of five, Kevin Suzuki was taught Japanese folk dance by his mother and began performing on various stages. As a professional performer, he has appeared at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, and NBC’s The Today Show. He has choreographed for the film ‘Dancing Joy,’ the play ‘Kamioroshi’ at Boston University, and the Public Policy Fall Fashion Show 2023. He currently serves as the Director of The Japanese Folk Dance Institute of NY. He promotes Japanese art and culture in American schools through performances, workshops, and lectures.


Master “Shihan” Katsuhito Gorai “Kyokushin Karate Kids”

This mini-workshop will introduce Kyokushin Karate to Kids and families who have never trained before. We will cover Kyokushin methods of: Punches, Kicks, Stretching, and Conditioning. Anyone can practice Kyokushin with fun!

Shihan Katsuhito Gorai
7th Dan.
Born and raised in the motherland of karate, Japan, Katsuhito Gorai began Kyokushin as a youth and has since been continually involved in the organization, spreading the philosophy and Spirit of Kyokushin the world over. Initially a recognized national Championship contender in Japan, Shihan Gorai directed his path toward teaching and developing Kyokushin Youth & Adults. In 1994, Kyokushin founder Sosai Mastatsu Oyama appointed Shihan Gorai as Branch Chief for the USA, tasking him to establish and promote the Kyokushin organization in America. Shihan Gorai currently oversees Branch Dojos across the USA, as well as produces and conducts annual clinics, camps, and martial arts competitive events around the globe, including producing the first “Coupe du Monde” in Paris, the first Women’s World Karate Championships and the renowned All American Open International Karate Championships in New York City. In his position as Director of the International Department for IKO Honbu (Headquarters), Shihan Gorai has had the honor of providing workshops in over 70 nations, training tens of thousands of Kyokushin students over the last three decades. Shihan Gorai currently holds a 7th Degree (Nana Dan) Black Belt in the IKO Kyokushinkaikan.

Let’s enjoy classical music together!
Move your body and crap your hand with piano sounds♬

♪ Canon by Pachelbel
♪ Etude “Revolution” by Chopin
♪ Variations on “Ah vous Dirac-je, Maman” by Mozart
♪ Turkish March by Mozart
♪ ~Fantasy – Impromptu by Chopin
(Program may be subject to change.)

Yurika Mihara
A native of Ishikawa, Japan, pianist Yurika Mihara has won numerous awards and competitions including the First Prize at both the International Concerto Competition and Music Talent Competition as well as taking First Prize at New York Concerto Competition Shining Start Division. Representing Japan, Ms. Mihara appeared as a soloist with the Targu Mures State Philharmonic Orchestra, Romania for its Tsunami relief charity concert. Her Sheva Collection (Italy) debut CD of music by Chopin and Scriabin was released in 2016.Also same year summer, she was invited to perform in the education program concert supported by the Chinese government at the Poly Theater in Shenzhen, China and had a debut CD released tour in Japan. She received a bachelor’s, master’s and Professional Study Diploma at Mannes College the New School for Music. She was a staff pianist at The Juilliard School and Mannes College The New School for Music. Official Web: yurikamihara.com

WonderSpark Puppets: Puppet Show ”The Lion & The Mouse” by Samantha Sing

The original moral stories that teach while entertaining – ‘The Lion and the Mouse’. The fable is highly interactive, plus we learn about forgiveness, the power of kindness, and good sportsmanship.

WonderSpark Puppets is a New York City based puppet theater company led by Chad Williams and Z Briggs. The company’s mission is to spread joy, spark imagination and share laughter through high quality puppet performances. Their shows are often found in schools, shuls, libraries, parks, and other exciting locations.They have toured internationally, bringing original productions and puppetry workshops to festivals in Thailand and Taiwan.

Instructors Profile <Event Booth>

Candy5 ”Amezaiku (Candy Sculptures)”

In 1994, Candy5 received technical training in the art of candy crafting (called “Amezaiku” ) from Mr. Takeo Kimura. She is the first female candy artisan in the 300-year history of Japanese candy crafting. Invited by Disney World in Orlando, Florida, she performed candy entertainment shows at the Japan Pavilion in Epcot Center for 17 years from 1996 to November 2013. She has been based in NY since 2017 and is available to perform at corporate events such as F1, Yankees, Nissan, Grand Seiko, etc. as well as weddings and birthday parties. For those interested, please check out her instagram!(https://www.instagram.com/candy5nyc)

Amnet (sponsorship) “Water Yo-Yo Scooping”

Amnet, a travel agency, is your one-stop shop for all your travel needs, whether you are returning to Japan temporarily, traveling in the U.S. or abroad for business, bringing your family and friends over from Japan, or traveling while in the U.S. We offer 24-hour Japanese language support, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

★For inquiries, please contact: Yuki Nakai (yuki.nakai@amnet-usa.com)

Akira Suzuki「Rolled sushi experience and tasting」

Rie Nishimura ”Face Painting”

Artist based in New York. Graduated from Musashino Art University in Tokyo, Japan. In addition to her artistic activities, she teaches art to children at a Japanese Sunday school and online.



Yoko Essel ”Origami Art”

Artʼ s Instructor / Photographer. Born in Osaka, Japan and a graduate of Osaka Ohtani University with a Master’s degree in Japanese Literature and Japanese Language, She worked as a studio manager for Robert Esser Photography for 18 years and is a fine art/commercial photographer. In addition, she teaches “Craft Social” classes at the Hamilton Senior Center in New York City, teaching origami and other crafts.

Marina Kikkawa ”Portrait Art”

Based in New York, she is currently studying art at an art college. She teaches Japanese culture to American children through art in summer classes.




Sei Higuchi & Nina Harano「Balloon Art」


 Sosen Onishi「Chanoyu Tea Ceremony at the table」

Omotesenke Chanoyu is traditional Japanese Tea ceremony and it has a history of over 400 years. In this class, we are trying to learn about this tradition through a formalized procedure named Ryaku-demae at the table.  

 Toshiko Sugii Steffes「Making Japanese sweets」

Certified master in making Japanese sweets Wagashi. I make custom ordered sweets, do demonstrations and exhibits, and also teach Wagashi making. My first recipe book was published in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. https://kohakuto.com/

 Masami Hirano Madsen「Kid’s Craft Work」

 Ava Madsen「Tatoo Parlor」

Master of Ceremonies

Saori Goda

Actress/Voice Actor. After playing in a theater company in Japan, she moved to the U.S. in 2009. Won three awards including Best Actress for her lead role in the movie “My Daughter Yoshiko”. She also appeared in “Cocktail Party,” a film adaptation of an Akutagawa Award-winning novel, and NBC’s “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” and “Love Yourself,” NTV’s “Waratte Koraete,” TBS’ “Sunday Japon.” Last year she appeared off-Broadway in “Chushingura”(The Treasury of Loyal Retainers) and has also worked as an anchor for NHK Cosmomedia’s “TV Japan Club”, hosted the Washington DC Cherry Blossom Festival, and worked as a narrator and voice actor.


For inquiries: info@nipponclub.org


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