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If you ever wanted to learn Japanese language, this is the very good opportunity for you!  Nippon Club Culture Courses is hosting some Japanese trial classes; the beginner level on 1/8 and 1/23 and the elementary level on 1/14.  If you like it, you can join the Japanese language courses (10-lessons) that will start from the following week.   Starter Japanese 1 (JF Standard A1) As a gateway into learning Japanese, you will learn to use basic everyday phrases and hold short conversations on such topics as self-introductions, favorite foods, your typical breakfast, where you have lunch etc. You will also learn to read words in hiragana (e.g. あ, い, う). Japanese culture will also be introduced throughout the course. Elementary Japanese 2-1 (JF Standard A2) This course targets developing skills to interact in everyday and common situations encountered at work and leisure. Topics include meeting new friends, dining out, etc. Kanji words related to the topics as well as relevant grammar and vocabulary will be introduced and practiced. Japanese culture will be an important thread throughout the course.

櫻井 陽子/菊池 恵美
Yoko Sakurai
MA in Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language from Ochanomizu Univ. She previously taught Japanese in Tokyo and at FIT, Pace Univ. and LaGuardia Community College.

Emi Kikuchi
BA in Japanese Literature from Jissen Women's Univ. She has been teaching at the New School, Hunter College and the City College of New York.
受講料 $30

【キャンセル】入門日本語1-1 (JF Standard A1)  (水曜日)19:40-21:10

開催日 2020/1/8

入門日本語1-1 (JF Standard A1)  (木曜日)18:00-19:30

開催日 2020/1/23

初級日本語2-1 (JF Standard A2) (火曜日)18:30-20:00

開催日 2020/1/14

1日ごとの講座になります。 (登録料は不要です。)


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