3 A2-2 (2) Elementary Japanese

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Develop skills to interact in everyday and common situations encountered at work and leisure (e.g. New Year’s Holiday, advice about a trip, preparing for a cultural event, etc.). This class is suitable for those who have completed JF A2-2(1) Elementary Japanese or equivalent and can read and write simple sentences using hiragana, katakana and basic kanji.

You are expected to:
– have completed JF A2-2(1) Elementary Japanese or equivalent
– be able to talk about your/other people’s everyday life, work, hobbies, experience, etc.
– be able to express your opinions, quote what someone said, and modify a noun using short (plain) forms of verbs, adjectives and nouns
– be able to handle simple expressions of numbers, quantities, costs and time
– be able to read and understand simple brief texts written in hiragana, katakana and basic kanji
– be able to write simple phrases and sentences about your everyday life using hiragana, katakana and basic kanji
– be able to read and understand approximately 200 kanji characters and relative words related to the daily topics

Upon successful completion of this class, you will be able to:
– interact on such topics as how you spend your New Year’s Holiday, travel advice, preparation for a cultural event, etc.
– read short, simple texts such as emails, seasonal greeting cards, a flyer calling for volunteers, comments on an event, etc.
– write short, simple sentences such as seasonal greeting cards, New Year’s resolution, comments on a guided tour, etc.
– read and understand approximately 50 kanji characters and related words covered by the topics

Lecturer Yoko Sakurai
Yoko Sakurai
MA in Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language from Ochanomizu Univ. She previously taught Japanese in Tokyo and at FIT, Pace Univ. and LaGuardia Community College.
Lesson fee $300 10 lessons (textbook fee $ 25)

A2-2 (2) Elementary Japanese (Wednesday) 18:00~19:30

Schedule 2019/9/25, 10/2, 10/9, 10/16, 10/23, 10/30, 11/6, 11/13, 11/20, 12/4

The registration fee is $50 for non-Nippon Club members, $25 for a Nippon Club member.The registration fee is for the first time only. $15 will be charged as a renewal fee after one year.

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