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【Online】 English Conversation Class ~ I Love The New York Times   In this conversation class for intermediate learners, we study English by discussing current events reported in The New York Times. Topics are timely and stimulating. The article to be studied is emailed to students a day before class. Light homework is assigned, for which students write original sentences using the new vocabulary and idioms learned in class. The teacher reviews the homework for proper usage and corrects grammatical errors. The main focus of the class is on acquiring and using new vocabulary. The New York Times is recommended for learners who wish to take their English speaking fluency to the next level, and who are interested in the news that New Yorkers are talking about today. The first half hour of each class is always devoted to breaking news. *In order to encourage maximum conversation, this class is limited to 6 students.*

Rica Fujihira
Certificate in English Language Teaching - The New School, New York
Lesson fee $30 1 lesson $ 30

2/19 (Saturday) 10:30~12:00

Schedule 2022/2/19
Deadline 2022/02/18

2/26 (Saturday) 10:30~12:00

Schedule 2022/2/26
Deadline 2022/02/25

3/5 (Saturday) 10:30~12:00

Schedule 2022/3/5
Deadline 2022/03/04

3/12 (Saturday) 10:30~12:00

Schedule 2021/3/12
Deadline 2022/03/11

3/19 (Saturday) 10:30~12:00

Schedule 2022/3/19
Deadline 2022/03/18

3/26 (Saturday) 10:30~12:00

Schedule 2022/3/26
Deadline 2022/03/25

These are one-day classes.

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