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【Online】Understanding art history through practice ~ O’Keeffe, Magritte   Each class focuses on an artist from modern-contemporary art history, teaching their styles and creative intentions behind their work. The content will be taught through lectures focusing on artists’ historical background, movement, and actual practice – approximately 20 and 40-55 mins respectively. Art supplies needed for this class: paper, tubed watercolors, red pencil and black permanent marker. This term will feature Georgia O’Keeffe and Rene Magritte.. The main purpose of this class is to gain more in-depth understanding of their artistic intentions by creating your own artwork in their styles, but it will also provide you with therapeutic effects by using your hands in a relaxed, artistic atmosphere during this difficult time.

Lecturer Minako Ota
Minako Ota
Studied traditional Japanese painting at Tama Art University in Tokyo. After graduating with a BA, she left Japan and began studying painting conservation at the Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA, and she continued her study of conservation of western paintings in the postgraduate program at the University of Cambridge, UK. She worked in the field of conservation until 2007, when she started painting full time in Moscow, Russia. Minako currently lives and works in the US. She has had exhibitions in Japan, Russia, USA and France.
Lesson fee $60 (1-course)

Understanding art history through practice ~ O'Keeffe (Saturday)13:00~14:00

Schedule 2022/2/5, 2/19
Deadline 2022/02/03

Understanding art history through practice ~ Magritte (Saturday)13:00~14:00

Schedule 2022/3/5, 3/19

These are one-day classes.

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