8.2 Ikebana Ikenobo Class for Beginners – Second Session

Certification Course

The ability to sense the beauty of flowers is important. Let us enjoy making flower arrangements together. I will firmly, and pleasantly, teach you the principles of ikebana in the way, heart and spirit of Ikenobo. This class is for Beginners.

Lecturer Yuri Ishizuka
Yuri Ishizuka
Ms. Yuri Ishizuka is a Senior Professor of Ikenobo Ikebana, with a high level Diploma "Katoku", Special Teaching member. In 1970, she began her studies of Ikenobo Ikebana in Japan and fostered her knowledge with the New York City chapter. Recently in 2017-2019, she has served as the President of Ikebana International, New York Chapter. She is studying at the Ikenobo headquarters in Kyoto, Japan and is currently teaching workshops bi-weekly at the Nippon Club.
Lesson fee $90 Flower fee $90 (Pay to the Instructor)

Ikebana Ikenobo Class for Beginners - Second Session (Saturday) 13:30-15:30

Schedule 2021/10/30, 11/13, 11/27
Deadline 2021/10/28

The registration fee is $50 for non-Nippon Club members, $25 for a Nippon Club member.The registration fee is for the first time only. $15 will be charged as a renewal fee after one year.

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