Apr 29th 2022 [Nippon Club Culture Courses] Temperature check

We placed a temperature reader on the 5th floor. Please take your temperature by yourself before entering the classroom.

Please make sure that your temperature is normal before entering the classroom. Please be sure to wear a mask in the classroom.

Jan 17th 2022 No Ikebana Ikenobo Class by Nori Noda in Winter 2022

From Jan – Mar 2022, Professor Noda will be traveling on an Ikenobo Teaching Tour throughout North America.

Classes at the Nippon Club will resume in April 2022 – details will be announced at a later date.

Sep 9th 2021 New registrations and Password change

Due to a glitch in the website, we are currently unable to accept new registrations and password changes.
If you would like to register for the class, please email us culture@nipponclub.org
※If you have already registered on the Culture Course website and do not need to change your password, you can register as usual through the website.
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