Nippon Club Japanese Language Course 

Accredited by The Japan Foundation, we use their teaching approach, JF Standard  and the textbook Marugoto in all classes. In this innovative goal-oriented approach, students learn to talk about a specific theme, such as “Make a plan for a vacation trip”, “Talk about activities you do to preserve the environment” etc. Let’s learn practical Japanese you can use in the real-world!

Why study Japanese at The Nippon Club?

1) Innovative learning approach for practical communication with an average of 7 students per class

At the Nippon Club Japanese Course, the Marugoto textbook, which was developed by The Japan Foundation, is used and related teaching methods area applied. This method is based on a goal-oriented approach, focusing on learning to use Japanese for actual communication, rather than increasing the knowledge of grammar and sentence pattern.

Here are examples of the goals for each level:

  • Level A1, Introductory: One can talk about what he/she enjoys in their free time
  • Level A2, Elementary: One can ask for/give advice when planning a trip
  • Level B1, Intermediate: One can talk about a musician he/she likes and the appeal of the musician

Each class is designed to achieve a goal as above. This learning approach allows learners to perform practical communication in Japanese right away. A relatively small-sized class (seven students on average) will provide you more opportunities to practice speaking.

More about Marugoto – Users’ Voices

2) Systematic Language Competency Levels

The levels of the Nippon Club Japanese Courses are divided into six major levels, from A1 (Introductory) to C2 (Mastery). As the level division and definition are based on the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages:Learning, Teaching, Assessment), it is possible to compare your Japanese proficiency with other languages, using the same criteria.

Every student (except absolute beginners) will take a placement test at enrollment in order to be accommodated at the most appropriate level. At the end of each ten-week session, your teacher will evaluate each student carefully to ensure that they will have made enough progress to advance to the next level. The Nippon Club Japanese Course evaluates each students’ level and outcomes of learning seriously and carefully.

3) Located conveniently in Midtown West with excellent Japanese cultural facilities

The Nippon Club, a Japanese private social club is located in a very convenient location across from Carnegie Hall, West 57th Street.

The students of the NC Japanese language course may enjoy early lunch at the Dining room (11:45 AM to 1:00 PM) on the class day.  The Nippon Gallery is anytime welcome students during its exhibition.  They also have great chances to participate or experience cultural events in the Nippon Club.

Annual Schedule

  • There are 3 terms every year.
  • Course offering and registration will be available approximately one and one half months before the start of each term.
  • There are not only language courses but also special events related to Japanese language and culture.

Course Levels

Course Listing

Refer to the framework of levels of Japanese language below to evaluate your level. Click here (PDF) for more detailed description of each level. To learn more about JF Standard, please click here: JF Standard.


Meet our experienced and qualified native Japanese-speaking instructor!




Emi Kikuchi

Ms. Kikuchi received BA in Japanese Literature from Jissen Women’s University in Tokyo. She acquired Licenses to teach Japanese in public Middle schools and High schools, and Calligraphy in public High schools. She received a certification from the Japanese-Language Teacher Training Program at Japan Society and started to teach private courses in 2007.  She has been a Japanese lecturer at institutions in NY since 2010, including Nomura Security, the New School, Hunter College, the City College of New York and other private language schools. She acquired a certification in Effective College Instruction from American Council on Education, 2017.  Ms. Kikuchi is also a certified master kimono educator and instructor studied at  Naganuma-Shizu Kimono School and teaching at Nippon Club.

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