Online Tribute Event
Footprints & Footsteps: 3.11 and the Future of Tohoku


  • 1. Overview
    10 years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake. Japan Local Government Center (JLGC) / CLAIR New York will be hosting an online screening of documentary films about the Great East Japan Earthquake along with panel discussions. Many of these films are by or about JET Program participants, and all deal with various aspects of JET and other foreign support for Japan, sister city and exchange relationships, and recovery efforts in Tohoku – all areas of activity for CLAIR.

    2. Goal
    We aim for this event to be an opportunity for many people to learn more about what it was like back then and the contributions of JET Program participants to the recovery effort through volunteering. In addition to expressing our gratitude to those who have supported and cooperated in the recovery from the disaster, the event will also provide an opportunity to deepen connections between Tohoku and other parts of Japan, JET Program participants, and people around the world who are interested in Japan, and to think together about the future of Tohoku.

    3. Date and time
    March 5, through March 11, 2021
    7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. (Eastern Time) each day

    4. Screening schedule
    -Tohoku Tomo 東北友 (2014)
    -Pray for Japan (2012)
    -113 Project (2015)
    -Nourishing Japan (2020)
    -LIVE YOUR DREAM (2013)
    -Life Goes On 一陽来復 (2017)
    * Each film will be followed by a live Q&A session with the director.
    Screening List >>
    Schedule >>

    5. How to register
    Please apply through the website below.
    Audience: Anyone can participate Participation
    fee: Free

    6. その他
    We are looking for your memories of the disaster and messages for Tohoku on our Facebook page.

    【Contact Information】
    Japan Local Government Center (CLAIR, NY)
    Phone: +1 (212) 246-5542
    Email: jet@jlgc.org
    URL: https://www.jlgc.org/
    Contact: Fujiwara, Hirosawa
    Please note that the staff is largely working remotely due to COVID-19 outbreak. Please contact us by e-mail first.

    Host:Japan Local Government Center (CLAIR, New York)
    Producer:Regge Life, Director of LIVE YOUR DREAM
    Organizer:Footprints & Footsteps: 3.11 and the Future of Tohoku Committee
    Supported by:Embassy of Japan in the U.S. / Japan National Tourism Organization New York Office / The Japan Foundation New York

    About the JET Program
    Aiming primarily to promote grassroots internationalization at the local level, the JET Program invites young college graduates from around the world to participate in internationalization initiatives and be involved in foreign language education at Japan’s local government offices, boards of education, and elementary through senior high schools. We hope that all people involved in the JET Program, both the participants and the local people with whom they live and work, will build an international network and become successful in today’s global society. Since its creation, over 70,000 people from 75 countries have participated in the JET Program.


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