We held a Webinar “Traditional Japanese Crafts: Lacquerware and Ceramics”


  • We welcomed Ms. Atsuko Nakajima, a lacquer artist, and Mr. Hiroyuki Onuki, a ceramic artist, to talk about techniques and works in their respective fields. Both are exhibiting artists at The Nippon Club WEB Gallery.

    Topics 1: “What is lacquer?” by Atsuko Nakajima 
    Topics 2: “About Kasama Ware” by Hiroyuki Onuki


    ■Guest Profile
    Atsuko Nakajima A lacquer artist
    Graduate School of Tokyo University of Fine Arts. Takaoka Junior college of Toyama University Apprentice of lacquer artist Tsunenobu NAMIKI. Participating in the “Japan Contemporary Craft Artists Association.” Exhibited at Nitten every year since 1989 to date and held 29 Solo Exhibitions at Mitsukoshi, Seibu, Sogo, Seizann Gallery, and other locations.

    The Nippon Club WEB Gallery introduces Atsuko Nakajima’s lacquer artworks produced from mature techniques and unique sense. Ms. Nakajima also makes lacquerwares and accessories that can be used every day. Still, the WEB gallery introduces fantastic flat works full of inspiration from nature and the dynamism of life using traditional Raden techniques.

    ▶︎To view Atsuko Nakajima’s artwork, please visit the Nippon Club Web Gallery.

    Hiroyuki Onuki A ceramic artist
    Born in Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture, in 1961. After graduating from the Department of Design at Tokyo Zokei University, he worked as a graphic designer before training in pottery at the Ceramics Guidance Center in Ibaraki Prefecture. In 1995, he opened his kiln independently in Kasama City. When the clay is cut out into a plate shape, the technique is made, and a paste shape is created. First, the blueprint is drawn, and the color, arrangement, picture, etc., are decided and molded. The colorful flower motif expressed by the technique of line inlay and color painting is revived vividly by deformed and brings out the form of the vessel. In addition to working in solo, special and group exhibitions in Japan and overseas, he is also involved in producing ceramic walls in public facilities.

    The sharp line vessels are impressively painted with flower motifs such as water lilies, peonies, and mountain cherry blossoms. All the colors, arrangements, and patterns are exquisitely thought out and become one work. Mr. Onuki’s sake cups and tea wares, which have a style that combines Japanese tradition and modern, are introduced at The Nippon Club WEB Gallery.

    ▶︎To view Hiroyuki Onuki’s artwork, please visit the Nippon Club Web Gallery.


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