Enjoy our Japanese Eel menu for “Doyo-no-Ushi-no-Hi”! Unaju Gozen & Unaju Bento


  • Let’s blow away the hot summer with eel again this year!
    Reserve your Unaju Gozen (one of our prix fixe combination plates) for indoor dining, or Unaju Bento for pickup!

    〜From The Nippon Club Executive Chef Yasuoka〜

    I’m using Japanese eel imported from Kagoshima for this special Unaju Bento. One of the major advantages of Japanese eel is the texture of its skin. It’s thinner and softer than other kinds so it’s tasty and easy to chew. The taste of the eel meat is light, yet sweet. The texture is soft but firm enough. Japanese eel has an incomparable taste to others. You will be satisfied with the difference in taste at first bite. Sansho–the Japanese pepper that comes with eels–is procured from the Shichimiya Honpo located in Sannenzaka, Kiyomizudera, Kyoto. Please sprinkle it on the eel before you eat to spice up the taste. I arranged the menu differently from our regular eel combo on the menu, with things such as fried jumbo shrimp and Kyoto-style simmered vegetables. In order to survive the hot summer, I put plenty of nutritious Japanese eel and well–balanced side items. I hope you enjoy the taste of Japanese Summer food.

    ●Indoor Dining

    Available at the tables in the Bar & Grill and also in the private rooms (Eagle room, Bluebird room)

    『Unaju Gozen (Combination Plate)』

    July 29th (Thu) & July 30th (Fri)
    $100 (Tax & Service charge applies)

    ・Combination Plate
    ・Assorted Sashimi (3 kinds) and Assorted Appetizers
    ・Main Dish of Eel over Rice
    *We serve the same menu for lunch and dinner.

    Reservation is required

    212-871-7167(weekdays 10:30am-4:30pm)

    Ushi-no-Hi Special Bento Menu
    Japanese Eel UNAJU (Broiled Japanese eel over a box of rice) & Octagon Bento Box

    <Japanese Eel UNAJU>
    Japanese Freshwater Eel/ Sansho (Japanese Pepper), Japanese Pickles (Takuan & Shibazuke)

    <In Japanese Octagon Bento Box>
    ・Hassun (Assorted appetisers)
    Homemade Shiokoji Omelet & Blackcod (Grilled), Kamaboko, Konnyaku, Teriyaki Salmon Scallion Roll, Sweet Sour Pickled Ginger Root, Fried Sesame Shrimp, Carrot, Snow Pea

    ・Steamed Food
    Shrimp Paste Dumpling

    ・Assorted Stewed Food
    Shrimp & Vegetable Tofu Mix Ball, Chicken, Japanese Taro, Eggplant, Okura, Temarifu (Gluten), Carrot

    ・Shiizakana (Extra item)
    Fried Pscific Ocean Flounder in Sweet Sour jelly Sauce (made by Japanese Black Vinegar)
    Red Pepper, Yellow Pepper, Broccoli, Cherry Tomato

    ●Pickup Order

    This year, again, we offer a Special Unaju Bento (broiled eel combo) at a special price of $95 (Scarsdale pickup: $105) for a Japanese summer tradition, “Doyo No Ushi no Hi”! We packed plenty of delicious Japanese eel over the rice in a separate container on top of a bento box (above phoro) with various other items. Available only on July 28th, 29th, or 30th, and quantity is limited. Please order before we sell out!

    『Special Una-Ju Bento』

    ■Nippon Club Pickup: $95 (all inclusive)
    Wednesday, July 28, Thursday, July 29, & Friday, July 30

    See Menu & Order (Account charge)
    See Menu & Order (Credit card)

    Orders can be made up to 90 minutes before the pickup, but quantities are limited, so please place your order as soon as possible.
    Please note that the menu may change slightly depending on the availability of ingredients.

    ■Scarsdale Pickup:$105 (all inclusive)
    Thursday, July 29 only!

    See Menu & Order (Member account)

    See Menu & Order (Credit card)

    Order by Noon on Wednesday, July 28


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