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Rikka Class for advanced level (Rikka certificate holder only) Learn about Ikenobo while the instructor explains the demonstration videos.  You will be able to see many close-up details and techniques. He will explain many expanded subjects that are not part of the regular classes. After the class, an edited version will be on Youtube (available for 2 weeks). On the day of the event, you can attend either or both classes (English or Japanese) . *Thursday and Sunday classes have the same content. *EST

Lecturer Noritaka Noda
Noritaka Noda
Mr. Noritaka Noda is a president of Ikenobo Ikebana NYC Chapter and also the first and only US special professor recognized by Ikenobo Headquarters in Kyoto, Japan.
He has received several Ikebana awards from Headquarters.
He studied graphic design in Japan and in the United States. So in his classes, you can enjoy creating many different arrangements that are beyond just floral design.
Mr. Noda teaches Ikebana for beginner to advance levels as well as special classes for kids. You can chose from morning, afternoon, evening or weekend classes.
Lesson fee $25

Rikka Thursday Class [English]19:30~20:30 (EST) [Japanese]20:40~21:40 (EST)

Schedule 2021/1/7
Deadline 2021/01/06

Rikka Sunday Class [English]10:00~11:00 (EST) [Japanese]11:10~12:10 (EST)

Schedule 2021/1/10
Deadline 2021/01/09

These are one-day classes.

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